Anchor Song: Greater

Artist: Chris Tomlin

URL: http://tinyurl.com/ktegyxv 
It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it – A.W. Tozer. I saw this quote while going through a very impactful devotional on the YouVersion Bible app titled Passion: The bright light of glory by Louie Giglio, and I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed every single bit of that devotional. 
Now, just think about that quote again, if it is not what a man does but why he does what he does that determines if what he does is sacred or secular, then it means anything and everything can be either sacred or secular. It means a man can be a pastor and his pastoral assignment can be secular while another man is a businessman, yet his dealings are sacred. 
It also means that the fact that you work in a bank, school, hospital, law firm, entrepreneur, whatever doesn’t make what you do any less sacred when compared to your pastor if you’ve got your “why” right. So why do you do what you do? Why are you pursuing that particular kind of life/future? 
Matthew 5:16 – Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence, and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven[AMP].
If bringing glory to the One who made you is not at the core of your “why”, then you need to make it sacred sacred. God Bless You! 
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