Father we thank you because you own the earth and all that is in it. Ps24:1

Lord we thank because the finance needed for JAM SUMMIT 2017, you have provided Phil 4:19

We thank you for stirring up the heart of men to give towards the summit in Jesus name Exo32:21


Father, we thank you for every member of registration committee.

Thank you for giving the team the wisdom to organize a proper registration process Dan 9:22

Father reveal unto the people by your Spirit the reasons to register for JAM SUMMIT 2Cor9:8

We declare that this year 2017 summit, registration would hit FIVE THOUSAND (5000) REGISTERED DELEGATES before April in Jesus name. 


Thank you Jesus for giving every chapter ideas, wisdom, zeal on how to publicize JAM SUMMIT 2017 Ps110:3

Lord we decree that the fame of Jesus shall be spread abroad through this SUMMIT in Jesus name Matt9:31

Thank you father for you would cause everyone that hears about JAM SUMMIT 2017 to come John 4:40-42​


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