DAILYPILLS: Always Pray For You by NOSA

Anchor Song: Always Pray For You

Artist: Nosa

URL: http://tinyurl.com/zdejwe5 
Learn not to get angry when people forget to reward you for something good you did, because bitterness will only make you lose the real reward. 

Consider the story of the man named Mordecai, who heard about a coup plot against King Ahasuerus and told the king about it, but guess what, Mordecai wasn’t rewarded. 
One day, at a time when everyone had forgotten about the matter, something started bothering the King so much that he couldn’t sleep, after making enquiries from his assistants, he discovered he didn’t reward Mordecai. Now, by the time the king was  able to give Mordecai the perfect reward, it was better than anything Mordecai could have gotten initially. [Read Esther 6 for the full gist].
Case 2, Joseph. Just imagine how bad Joseph must have felt when the chief Butler forgot about him when he got out of prison. However, the king had a need one day, a need only Joseph could solve, and the chief Butler remembered. 
Think about it, even if the chief Butler didn’t forget about Joseph, he probably would have just gotten him out of prison back into slavery or at best, make him a free poor man. But with that delay came the real deal, a deal that brought Joseph to the throne. Jesus said in Matthew 10:42 – And if, as my representatives, you give even a cup of cold water to a little child, you will surely be rewarded[TLB].
You see, God rewards, even in our human interactions. Hence, when your boss passes you over on a reward/promotion, don’t start saying horrible things about the person, you abort God’s reward process that way, the person might even hear and not be in a position to recommend you to the “king” by the time he needs you. You feel cheated? Pray, ask God to reward you and let it go. You’d be shocked when you get God’s alert. God Bless You!
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