IEO’s New Year Message

We welcome you to another year. Its 2017. We thank God for 2016 as we all occupied in our various fields of endeavor. This year is our “Year of Doing Great Exploits”. I would love to first explain to you what Exploits means. Going by dictionary definition; “It is to make full use of or derive benefit from a resource”. Also we could also say “It’s a notable or heroic act; An exciting act or action”. But as a fellowship, we see Exploits as “Maximizing your full potentials” and “Doing more than you can think or imagine” Eph3:20).

It is very easy to be excited at the beginning of the year, but I encourage you to make “Doing Exploits” a lifestyle from January to December, reason because there is always a purpose attached to every day so make it count. In your career, finance, soul-winning, leadership and all we are involved in is a platform for Exploits.

Jamsummit 2017 is 99 days away. Have you registered? It is important you register on time to enable us conclude logistics in record time. Here is the link; .Prepare your heart as we host you at the Balm of Gilead City, Benin Bypass from the 11th to 16th of April, 2017. Our theme is “Empowered To Do Great Exploits (#EDGE). It is going to be an experience never had before.

Finally, we have plans lined up for the year which may involve you one way or the other. It is important you always keep your communication media (Email, Social Media platforms, Text message, Calls) open as we would be periodically disseminating information to you. To also be up to date with real time happenings in CFi worldwide, we encourage you to follow us on the following;

BBM: 5932FB05

Whatsapp/Calls/SMS: 08153944443

Twitter/Instagram: @CFiReal

FB: Cfirealz

Happy New Year!!!


International Executive Officer (07066745955)


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