​Anchor Song: I Trust You

Artist: James Fortune

URL: http://tinyurl.com/zu83zce 
Okay, so if Jonah knew that he was the cause of the ship’s problem, why didn’t he jump into the see all by himself since he knew that was the solution, why did he ask the mariners to be the ones to throw him in? You see, I’ve learnt to read my Bible with some level of curiosity, I ask as much “whys” as I can, I rewind and fast forward the story, I guess it all just helps to make the stories real to me. 
For me, I see some relationship lessons each time I read the book of Jonah, even though the story is not really about relationship. Firstly, I see a note to self never to be “the Jonah” in another man’s relationSHIP. If your friendship is the cause of the storm in your friend’s relationship, and you know this, why not give them space? The second lesson, which is my focus today, is the fact that for as long as you remain in that stormy relationSHIP, you cannot enter into the peaceful future that God has prepared. 
Even after Jonah told the mariners he was the problem, they found it difficult to throw him out, so they decided to work harder, and things just got worse. But as soon as they threw him off, they had peace, and God prepared a fish to swallow up Jonah too. Hebrews 10:9 – then he added, “Behold, I have come to do your will.” He does away with the first in order to establish the second[ESV].
One of the things I’m learning is the fact that whenever I lose something, God replaces it with something better. Sometimes, we go through unnecessary storms in a relationship, afraid to let go due to the fear of not meeting such a person again. But the story shows that if embracing the peace of God means letting the person go, then another relationship will arise in your life that will erase every regret that might pop up concerning the last one. God Bless You! 
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