DAILYPILLS: The Presence of The Lord by SINACH

Anchor Song: The Presence Of The Lord

Artist: Sinach

URL: http://tinyurl.com/zttnqrf 
Have you noticed that every new innovation or opportunity comes with new challenges. Before the era of cars, when horses were the primary mode of transportation, the challenges were different, the accidents were different and the needs were equally different. Now that we have cars, I’m sure there are challenges on that industry now that the man who invented cars never thought about, and most of those challenges will have to be resolved by other people. 
This means that every new technology or invention comes with fresh opportunities, but many of these opportunities come in the form of challenges. As children of God, you and I are in the business of finding answers to challenges around us, that is what Joseph and Daniel did. 
When you have access to an information/person that the majority do not have access to, it also means you have access to classified info, and with that info, you can make informed decisions concerning certain matters. Likewise, our access to God should result in getting classified info from Him to solve the challenges in our world. 
Daniel 2:22 – He reveals profound mysteries beyond man’s understanding. He knows all hidden things, for he is light, and darkness is no obstacle to him[TLB].
Therefore, I hope you know your access to God grants you uncommon access to classified information that can change your environment. So, what are you doing with your access? Gos Bless You!
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