DAILYPILLS: Hosanna/Moving Forward by ISRAEL & NEW BREED

Anchor Song: Hosanna/Moving Forward

Artist: Israel & New Breed

URL: http://tinyurl.com/hwsmwnd 
My heart has been bleeding for some time now over certain comments I hear from friends and loved ones. I find these comments particularly painful because I believe most of those around me are intellectuals, and if they can say such, then what hope do we have? 
I’m sure you’ve heard comments like “Bring back our corruption”, “I miss corruption” and “I can’t wait to vote back corruption”. While I totally agree that these comments come from legitimate concerns over the state of the economy, I’m bothered about the solution we are offering. 
Let me say that this is not a partisan post, for I don’t really care which political party is in power, all I want is for the nation to win in every possible way. Some might argue that those comments shouldn’t be taken literally, but what happens to that believe that there is power in every word we say?
Numbers 11:5 – Remember in Egypt when we could eat whatever amount of fish we wanted, or even the abundant cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic. But this, this can hardly be called food at all![VOICE].
Don’t you think this verse correlates with the pro-corruption comments I mentioned earlier? God was bringing those people out of bondage, but they’d rather go back to bondage if it satisfies their immediate need. 
If the all powerful God didn’t use darkness to call out light, then I don’t think our negative words can create the positive change we desire. Hence, let’s move forward, demand effective and efficient governance by all means, and it’s not delivered, vote in whoever you think can do a better job. However, can we please stop trapping ourselves with the words we say? God Bless You! 
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