Anchor Song: Free Indeed

Artist: Timothy Reddick

URL: http://tinyurl.com/jzc2oma 

What do you think would happen to the child of powerful King if He is never told who is father told is, he’d live all his life like a commoner. Likewise, there are so many people who have taken the term “born again” to mean they have now actively committed themselves to the activities of a church, which is not quite accurate. You see, just like being adopted by the Queen of England automatically changes some things about you, the same happens when you give your life to Christ, and if you don’t know this, then it doesn’t make any difference in your life. 

For example, Jesus said in John 8:36 – So if the Son sets you free, you will be absolutely free[GW]. This means that if there is anything you were struggling with before, from the point you gave your life to Christ, Jesus immediately gives you the ability to defeat that struggle. This means your approach towards it changes from someone under bondage to someone in the process of overcoming. Also, Christ setting you free means that God will never withhold anything good and desirable from you because of something you did wrong in the past. It means before God, a person who got saved from his childhood and another who spent the first 25yrs of his life cruising in sin both have the same level of access and eligibility to receive.

Therefore, understand that Christ has set you free, so you have the freedom to love God and be loved by Him without any hindrance. Just in case you think God still looks at you with bad eyes because of what you did before, it’s not true. The truth is, for every child of God, God doesn’t even remember you ever did anything wrong. God Bless You! 

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