Anchor Song: I’m Blessed
Artist: Olumide Iyun

URL: http://tinyurl.com/gnplxvn 

Dear young person, mentorship is not supposed to eliminate your genius, it’s supposed to enhance it,  so don’t lose yourself trying to be like your mentor. 

Truth is,  looking up to someone is an essential part of life, it is God designed, and you’d probably have to deal so much unnecessary challenges if you ain’t looking up to anyone. However, there is always this temptation to “copy and paste” the life of your mentor into yours. Just think about it, do you think God went through the trouble to create you and send Jesus to die for you just so that you can become the carbon copy of another man? 

While going through the Bible, something about these verses caught my attention. 1 Corinthians 3:21-22 – So don’t be proud of following the wise men of this world. For God has already given you everything you need. He has given you Paul and Apollos and Peter as your helpers. He has given you the whole world to use, and life and even death are your servants. He has given you all of the present and all of the future. All are yours[TLB]. While the people in that chapter were bragging about who their mentor was, Paul was telling them to turn their focus to what has been deposited into them. Just imagine, while you are busy bragging about whoever, “God has given you the world to use, He has given you the present, He has given you the future”. I pray your talent will not be handed over to someone else because you are too busy bragging on your mentor instead of building on your talents. God Bless You! 

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