​Anchor Song: Speak Lord

Artist: Juanita Bynum

URL: http://tinyurl.com/zeplxp4 

Red Camry, forms the image of a car in your head simply because you know Camry is model of car made by Toyota. The kind of image formed is dependent on two things; your favorite model or the one you see more often – maybe someone close to you drives that model. For me, I see the Camry popularly referred to as “Muscle”, because it’s my favorite. 

Likewise, every sermon you hear either backs up a familiar experience, or draws near a desired expectation. Several people with very different needs can hear the same message, and while that message seems to lift some up, it might make others more depressed.

I think you can make a message more effective by deciding what you need it to do for you: back up the past or bring in the future. Matthew 9:21 – for she said to herself, “If I only touch his garment, I will be made well”[ESV]. That was the woman with the issue of blood deciding what the anointing in Jesus would do for her, even before she met with him. Doesn’t that sound like deciding what you need answers to before a message is even preached? Like the Bible told us, several people touched Jesus the same day the woman with the issue of blood did, it’s safe to assume that some of those people also needed some form of healing, but the only healing recorded is that of that woman. 

Do you have a need, questions or you just need clarity about something or the future, why not get deliberate about it by asking God to meet you at that point. God will always bless you through every message, but an “ordinary” message can become a life changing moment if that message touches the right spot. God Bless You!

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