Anchor Song: Holy Spirit

Artist: Jesus Culture

URL: http://tinyurl.com/h7vfuof 

I believe you know that the Holy Spirit was sent to come and do the same work Jesus was doing here on earth for you and I, but do you what that entails? To start with, Jesus already died for your sins, so the Holy Spirit is not going to do that. In fact, the simple truth is that Jesus has paid for all your sins in full, so everything that has to do with sin was settled by Jesus. 

When Jesus was going to introduce the Holy Spirit to His disciples, He said to them in John 14:16 – I will ask the Father and he will give you another Comforter, and he will never leave you[TLB]. The word “another”, implies that Jesus was acting as a comforter too while He was physically on earth, so let’s look at how He comforted.

When Lazarus died and Jesus went to comfort his family, did you know He didn’t go there to tell them “sorry”, He comforted them by fixing their loss. When blind Bartimaeus met with Jesus, Jesus didn’t help him feel better with his condition, Jesus fixed it. Even the woman with the issue of blood that codedly touched Jesus, got completely healed. Look through your Bible, every one Jesus comforted got a solution to their problem, not a way to feel better living with the problem. 

Therefore, another comforter means another solution giver, another Mr Fix-it and Jesus said this Mr Fix-it will never leave nor forsake you, no matter how tough the challenge. Hence, is there something you need to fix, or you need a solution to a stubborn challenge, or you just want the effect of a loss eliminated, the Holy Spirit – your comforter, is the best man for the job. God Bless You!

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