Count Your Blessings by DEITRICK HADDON

​Anchor Song: Count Your Blessings

Artist: Deitrick Haddon


I think one important time for you to count your blessings is when things are not looking good, periods when you don’t feel so blessed. One of those things emotions do to us, is the fact it consumes our ability to remember, so at times when you are happy you forget that you’ve been down, and when you are down, you forget the many times you’ve been on top of the world. 

Think about it, when you have used a particular device to solve a problem before, it would be easier for you to trust the ability of that device to solve a similar problem the next time. Likewise, counting your blessings reminds you of how much God has done for you in times past, it reminds of the impossible situations He made possible and all the small – big blessings in between. By the time you do this a few times, the current challenges won’t seem to overwhelming anymore, because you are conscious of the God who’s got your back. Psalms 107:43 –  Listen, if you are wise, to what I am saying. Think about the loving-kindness of the Lord![TLB]

You see, counting your blessings is like shining light in a dark room, and the more you do, the brighter it gets. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, so when you get mindful of how much He has done for you before, you can easily expect Him to show up again. Therefore, I think today is a good day for you to count your blessings, the hope you need is not so far away, it’s on your lips – count your blessings, not your worries, and watch your hopes rise again. God Bless You!

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