DAILYPILLS: Winner by 21:03

​Anchor Song: Winner

Artist: 21:03

URL: http://tinyurl.com/hv9zctn 

One of the most powerful seasons in your life is the season of disappointment, times when your expectations fall apart. This is not a curse, but you will face disappointment. How do I know? Well, think about it, all the notable names you can remember in the Bible, is there any of them that didn’t go through a downtime at one time or another? 

We often think going through disappointing times is a indication of God’s absence, but that’s not really true. In fact, I’m tempted to say that God is actually closest to you in your weak moments. Disappointments are like the aptitude tests required to move you to another level in life, so saying you don’t ever want to go through it is like saying you want to remain at the same level. Now, does this mean God enjoys watching you go through pain? No! Paul says in 1 Corinthians 12:9 – Each time he said, “No. But I am with you; that is all you need. My power shows up best in weak people.” Now I am glad to boast about how weak I am; I am glad to be a living demonstration of Christ’s power, instead of showing off my own power and abilities[TLB]. God says “His power shows up best in weak people”, therefore every time you are weak or face a disappointment, God is saying you are at the point where the best of His power can work in your life. So are you weak, tired, frustrated about something, God is waiting by the ring just like in a wrestling match, waiting for you to make contact with Him so He can get involved. Blessed be God because He causes us to win in all things, so the only way you won’t win, is if you decide to give up on God. God Bless You!

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