Suffering for Righteousness Sake

1Peter 2:19-21 (GNB)

God will bless you for this, if you endure the pain of undeserved suffering because you are conscious of his will. For what credit is there if you endure the beatings you deserve for having done wrong? But if you endure suffering even when you have done right, God will bless you for it. It was to this that God called you, for Christ himself suffered for you and left you an example, so that you would follow in his steps.

Genesis 37:2 reveals that Joseph often reported the evil deeds of his brothers to his father. This means that he opted not to participate in evil. My suspicion is that this is where the hatred that his brothers had for him must have started. However, because he was doing right, their hatred for him couldn’t stop him from being all that God called him to be. Daniel was also hated because of his good nature (Dan.6:1-4) and the things plotted and carried out against him could not stop him from also being all that God intended for him to be.

There will be times that you will be treated wrongfully because you have chosen to stand for what is right and for what pleases God. Do not give up during those times because nothing done against you in such times will be able to stop you from fulfilling God’s purpose. Instead, those things will work together for your good.

It is a blessing to be persecuted for righteousness sake, Matt.5:10. It is better to be hated for doing right than to be loved for doing evil. Like Joseph, you may have been thrown into some kind of prison or placed in isolation simply because you refused to compromise or give in to evil. Be strong and rejoice in the Lord because that treatment will bring you closer to your palace. Follow the example of Jesus who suffered even when He was innocent and doing God’s will. God will lift you up just as He lifted Jesus up.

PRAYER: Receive grace right now to remain strong and to continue doing what is right despite any negative treatment you may be receiving.


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