New State Alumni Executives Emerge in Bayelsa State

On the 7th Day of August 2016 at Tena Place, Yenagoa Bayelsa State, new executives were elected to pilot the affairs of the alumni body of CFites residing in Bayesla State.


The meeting presided over the delegates from CFi Headoffice headed by the International Executive Officer; Pastor Hope Peters, lasted for exactly 2 hours with CFites choosing who will be her leaders.

Five(5) persons were elected into various offices and they include;

  1. Dr Newton Igwele – State Director
  2. Pastor John Wodi – Assistant State Director
  3. Don-Solomon Amakiri – State Secretary
  4. Helen Nwabueze – State Financial Secretary
  5. Pastor Alapreye Tekenah – State P.R.O


The attendance was very impressive and we hope to hear good news from the state.

Next up is Oyo State on September 4th…OYO get ready, CFi is coming to town.



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