DAILYPILLS: Close To You by Charles Jenkins

Anchor Song: Close to You

Artist: Charles Jenkins

URL: http://tinyurl.com/ze2hg88 

Are you interested in growing your relationship with God, or do you only interested in getting what He has to offer. Basically, there are two classes of people that seek God, some want to get from God and move on their lives, while some want to know God, interact with Him, and in that process, get blessed by Him. Psalms 103:7 says – He showed his ways to Moses and his deeds to the people of Israel[NCV].

There is a difference between knowing how to eat cakes and knowing what it takes to produce a cake. Many Christians just want God to continue serving them cakes every time they need one, but are not willing to relate with Him enough to learn what to do when they need a cake.

If you are not interested in growing, how then do you want God to teach you how to manage what He plans to give to you? Remember, that the primary purpose for the creation of man is fellowship, so when there is no real fellowship between God and any of His children, then we can say that God’s purpose for that life has not yet been realized.

You can easily give toy guns, cars or any equipment to anyone to handle, but you won’t dare give a real gun or a very expensive car to someone who has not acquired the knowledge required to handle it. Likewise, God is merciful enough to give you stuff even when you are only interested in getting, but the real stuff belong to those who are willing to grow, to learn His ways, so that they can always walk in His paths. So decide, which do you want, toys or the real stuff? God Bless You!

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