The Diligent Hand

Genesis 26:12-14, Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 12:24

Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him. And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great: *He becometh poor that dealeth [with] a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich. *The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute.

Yesterday we studied how Isaac chose to listen to God in a trying time and not just taking the easy way out. Today we shall focus on the fact that Isaac needed to be diligent and work hard in order to do what God wanted Him to do at that time. Immediately Isaac received direction from God, he set out to work and God blessed the work of his hands. He didn’t fold his hands and expect God to come and bless him. God doesn’t bless the folding of our hands but blesses the works of our hands. God doesn’t bless slothfulness, He blesses hard work and diligence.

Jesus Himself wasn’t a lazy or an idle person. He was very hardworking and diligent. He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. He went about diligently doing the Father’s business. God’s desire is that both in our spiritual lives and in whatever business or assignment we are engaged in, we would not be slothful but fervent and diligent, Rom.12:11.

Don’t deal with a slack hand; carry out all your deals with a diligent hand. Don’t leave till tomorrow what you know should be done today. You cannot occupy until Christ comes by folding your hands and being slothful. You can only occupy by going about and diligently doing what God has committed into your hands. Your greatness and lifting to positions of influence is tied to your stewardship and diligence.

PRAYER FOCUS: Heavenly Father, I thank you for giving me the grace to be hardworking and diligent in all my endeavours. Today as I work, I know you will bless the works of my hands and promote me.


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