EfikoMedia: Media At Your Service



Efikomedia is an Advertising and Public relations agency that is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s foremost indigenous student-based advertising agency with its base in Bayelsa state but already reaching to the whole of Nigeria. Its owned by Asieri Odusi, an undergraduate of Niger Delta University, Amasoma and currently serves as Secretary General of CFi NDU chapter. The agency was formed in January 2015.

To become world leaders, providing sustainable and effective public relation services, enhancing advertising and broadcasting

Efikomedia is a student-run advertising agency. First of its kind in Nigeria, Efikomedia acts like a real advertising agency but is run by students. As Students, they work as volunteers to gain experience in the areas of public relations, social media marketing, broadcasting, brand promotion and advertising.

They provide digital outdoor advertising and similar communication services to various organisations such as university departments, small businesses and community based NGO’s. The main appeal of  this agency for clients is that they provide professional-quality work at little or no cost. The primary appeal for them as students is that they gain real life experience unlike traditional classroom learning.

As a team, they mentor each other by acquiring new proficiencies in graphics design, video animation, and digital marketing. They also learn and develop team work and time management skills, and then collaborate to provide services that satisfies their clients need.

Reach Them Via;

Phone number: 08121142882

Email: odusiasieri@gmail.com


Facebook page url: http://www.facebook.com/efikomedia

Twitter handle: @efikomediaNG

Instagram username: @efikomedia


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