HAPSUN: Excellent Delivery


HAPSUN is a company that is into laundry services and events planning and they are located in the high brow area of Ugbor, GRA Benin City. It was founded in January 2015 by an alumnus of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi. Obohwo Happy. He also served as President of CFi during his undergraduate days.

To be one of the best dry cleaning company with good customers relations and excellent delivery.

Due to their high level of competence, they have been involved in numerous jobs and have handled the decorations of different occassions ranging from weddings to birthday parties and also bake cakes, make ups and supply of drinks.

The laundry service arm of the company currently handles the wardrobe of the International Officers, some national officers  of CFi and Benson Idahosa University students. For prompt delivery of your clothes ranging from T-shirts to wedding gowns, trousers, natives etc… then Hapsun Laundry services is your final bus-stop.


You can reach them via this means;

Phone number: 08039413371

Email: hapsun70@gmail.com

Facebook page url: hapsun70

Twitter handle: hapsun70



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