Write- Treasurez: Bringing Books Closer To You

write treasurezAre you in dire need of were to get the books of your choice with less stress? We bring to you Write-Treasurez; a book and educational resources center. It kicked off in October 2014 by Onyebuolise Grace, an alumnus of the University of Port-Harcourt.

Our passion is to make knowledge based material such as books and ebooks available to knowledge seekers and help those who lack the zeal to learn from books begin to do so.

For students who live in the Port-Harcourt region, need not to go searching for motivational, christian, business or relationship books. They could readily get those books and delivered to them too. More so, they have some schemes that can enable them buy at discounted rates too.

They are into;

1)Review and promotion of books.
2)Sales of books
3)Recommendation of books.  
4)Library solution
5)Wholesale delivery

You could contact through;

Phone number: 08066604913

Email: graceonyebuolise@gmail.com

Website or Blog: http://www.writetreasurez.wordpress.com

Facebook page url: https://web.facebook.com/writetreasurez/

Twitter handle: @writetreasurez


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