Zeed INC: #ChristCertified


Zeed INC. is a company into general shirt/ jacket designs, graphics, Gospel DJ and general projector and streaming work. It was founded  in September 2010 by Prince Osazee Eweka, an alumnus of the University of Benin,Ugbowo where he served as Publications Director, He’s also known as DJ Sizeh..

Zeed INC specialises in shirt designs as well as jacket designs from versities to ankara, Gospel DJ for all events, Audio/video live streaming for your events, projector works and general graphic design and souvenirs for all your events.

Clothing you up with the gospel and the best of designs/materials
#using good clothing and music to preach the Gospel cause we are Christ Certified.

They have being instrumental to the success of CFi’s Annual International Youth Conference known as “JAMSUMMIT” for the past three(3) years as they provide good quality shirts and jackets for the Head Office and delegates alike, Sourvenirs and DJ services. If you’ve seen or own a “Christ Certified” trademark branded shirt then you have met them.

You could check out some of their works and also contact them via;

Website or Blog: http://www.hulkshare.com/zeed_inc

Facebook page url: http://www.facebook.com/zeed.inc

Twitter handle: @zeedinc_djsizeh

Instagram username: @zeedinc_djsizeh





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