Prominent Creations; Voice To The Voiceless

Prominent Creations is a company that is into Film, Documentary, Photography and Editing and are currently located in the Federa Capital Territory, Abuja. It was founded in November 2014 by Prominent Eseosa Monday-Odin, an alumnus of Western Delta University, Oghara. She also attended the National Film Institute, Jos.
Their mission is to help the society reduce the rate of Child labor, Child Abuse, Human Trafficking, Violence against women. To make films that will change the needs of these generation, to help youths stay out of drugs, help young girls choose the right relationship, and addicts stay out of addiction‎.
         “Our vision is to use our film to help the less privileged have a voice”
They have directed three short films… DUSK, JESSICA‎ and CALLING. They did a Documentary for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture under the Department of Horticulture. They also did a Documentary for a Pastor in Family Worship Centre, Abuja.
They have also done several photo shoots.
Below is the links to two short films.
Aside from the aforementioned, Prominent creations are also into
1. Video Editing
2. Graphics Design
3. Lighting for events
4. Interior and exterior decorations
5. Software repairs

 You can reach them via the following;

Phone number: 08069109061


Facebook page url:

Twitter handle: @Ese007

Instagram username: @mizeseosa

And one of the fastest growing Movie’s blog around


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