Show Jesus

It is true that is wasn’t a Crusade but he had a Sermon.
When, the ball went in and folks celebrated and shouted, he looked for his pulpit.
It wasn’t made of wood, Glass or Metal like we would expect on a Normal church service day, all it was made of was Ink and a Piece of Ribbon.

The world was watching either with warm hearts or cold feet as their prediction worked or failed respectively.
And to the true lovers of football, they wondered, how it was that he happened to be so rightly placed?!

I think I have an answer here…
He wanted to Celebrate his KING on stage.
When Neymar flaunted that 100% JESUS Ribbon ’round his head I only thought of one thing – Let’s Show JESUS!

You might not necessarily be a footballer but I’m quite sure you have an audience in your area of Influence.
You have folks who are looking up to you to draw some sort of inspiration or Idea, why not Show them JESUS?

I believe millions (if not billions) of people were watching the finals and when Neymar tied that ribbon, it gave that muslim child who so cherished Neymar and his skills a room (or an Opportunity) to Google “who is Jesus” – I believe so.

So, dear ones, it is indeed God’s desire that we flaunt him when we are at the top of our game to the world.
He truly has us as his Priority – He wants to use us to show the world who He is and how good he is in refining people only to bring out the best in them.
You must not be a hall-of-famer to Rep Him, all you need to be is YOU!
Come to Him and He’d Most Definitely Equip you with all you need.

God Bless us, God bless our Methods!

-Promise Dibiah
(CFi UNIPORT Alumnus)


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