Let’s get this Straight!

Now this area by default we like to shy away from it and not talk about it. Many would rather be quiet and assume it doesn’t happen or it would end on its own just like it began. Remember months ago when Ebola hit town, the nation was in a concerted effort to kick it out and the power of unity was seen amongst us and in no time Ebola was evicted before her rent was due and we became a reference point for the globe and became a symbol of hope.

Now this situation is far worse than Ebola and HIV combined and it is creeping and eating deep into our core and culture. It has been subliminal and subtly, we now first saw it movies and then in series, then we gradually began to accept that well its not so bad, we are free to our sexuality and they have a right to their choice and they should be allowed to be free. But question is would you send your kids to a place that is almost safe? Ladies would you date a guy who is almost straight? This is no almost and its no longer safe playing safe?

We have been playing safe and now we are locked up in the cave. It used to be done in secret but not its in the open. Gay, Lesbianism and Bisexual, no longer a thing to be seen as discrete cause they are everywhere on our street. We must remember that in a society of the improvished lot, the privileged few is an endangered specie. So if you think keeping mute is cute, don’t worry they are coming for you.

They are everywhere. Social media and all around us. They have their languages, code and applications. They are well planned, doctrinated and organized, their goal and mission to convert others is currently operational. In the many cities they are prevalent and even celebrities are in the mix. So what’s this all about and where are they heading. Only time will unveil.

Many have been brainwashed to think it must have been a hereditary defect, some may have been born that way, but that’s another subtle way to make a lie sound justifiable. Truth is no one is born Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual. These are all choices we made. There are different reasons for these choices but truth still remain that even if the whole world is doing the wrong thing is still doesn’t make it right. We have them in Schools, Churches, Industries, you name the sector they are in it.

Now from Creation irrespective of what evolution says it was Adam and Eve, now its become Adam and Steve, Eve and Ivie. That’s perversion gone on rampage. Ignorance now a celebrated stance. It has become a norm, no wonder our senses have become numb and dumb. We are too blind to see where this is heading, yet we enjoying the ride.

How sad it has become, to see young people, supposed leaders of tomorrow indulge in acts that destroys them today. What’s worse is the silence with which no one says a thing. It is so silent that I can hear a pin drop in a market place. Yet we so busy about triviality ignoring what’s plaguing our community. True there were times Silence is golden, but this time Silence is Deadly and not even plain yellow.

Hello, soon we may begin to fill it out in our forms, cause we have accepted it as the norm. How can we be so fooled to think this is cool. Sure it is not. No matter what angle you try to view it from, this was never the intended triangle. Ungodly affection is now the new direction and many are heading that way already. Some other nations already have it legalized and its no longer news there but we shouldn’t let that be our story. Just as we stood again Ebola and won, let’s stand against this too and I guarantee you, we won’t lose.

My simple 3 reasons why I would never act a blind eye to it are:
1) It is a wrong choice
2) It is against God’s agenda
3) It is a perversion of Truth

I know many will brush this off like a feather, but remember this isn’t Pacquao and Mayweather fight of the century, this is our fight in this century and we are approaching the 6th round, we running out of time before we experience a TKO or we knock them out. It is a fight we must win, we must and we can. Its no longer cute to be mute so let’s take our stand and stop trying to be understanding. Wrong can never be Right even if it is accepted by all. Gay, Lesbianism and Bisexual is subjective, but objective it is still wrong.

Written by: Alex Osagie


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