Haven thought about this idea for awhile and watch life’s way and pattern in the way it carries out its duties and responds to its master, Humans, I have come to discover that life and its workers are consistent, effective and highly productive workforce.

I can see your curiosity to getting this clear. Just stay with me. Many people have said life isn’t fair, life doesn’t give you what you deserve, “this life is wicked” in someone else’s words or even that life is not worth living and so on. That’s your view about this wonderful worker and servant of the world’s large number of bosses that it has, over 7 Billion people. If life serves this whole multitude that means it must be very powerful and so are its workers.

Many had lived in this idea about life which I mentioned earlier not knowing that life doesn’t give you what you deserve but DEMAND.  Life is made up of three things: the events, the people and the places that makes up your experiences everyday, this is what LIFE is and its same for everyone. Your own life is made up of the peoples, the events and places that make them up around you.

Life’s workforce, the universe is a quick deliverer of services to everyone. They work on some basic codes which are:
Your words
Your thoughts
Your feelings or the emotions.

This are the responsible keys that your life and the universe respond to give you what you created. God used all these at the creation and gave you same power.

  1. God thought at creation Gen1:2-when the Spirit broods upon the waters in deep creative force of His thoughts, He must have thought about them before He spoke them.
  2. He spoke them. Gen1. It was written everywhere there that He spoke things to being. (Heb11:3).
  3. He loved what He did- His feelings went with His creation. All this were stated as facts from the scriptures and God now made you like Himself.

It’s a pity how many want things one way but have it in the opposite. The answer is that this 3 keys must flow in same direction, like, THINK IT, SAY IT and LOVE IT. Don’t let any part go differently or negative and you will have your life in good shape as you desire. The truth is that God had placed unlimitedness in man such that we don’t have to always disturb God for what He has committed to us to do. Life’s course works in this way. Try it and start seeing the results.

You are meant to have your life configured for the best like this. The world today is so filled with so much negatives, troubles and fears and a pity many have loss their joy that Christ gave them living on the mercies of the devil for crumbs when they were meant for the table. God had placed the ownership of the earth to you. The universe responds to you… So use this and shapen your life the right way.

Don’t ask whether if it’s God’s will or not, it has always been His will for you to have the best in life, so go for it. Use your worlds to beautify your life, situations, environments, people’s lives around you.

SPEAK the right words.   
Begin to use your word to beautify Our Nigeria calling forth excellence, life and beauty to things that once had been bad and we sure would see results. (James3:5-14MSG)

Start speaking to Nigeria, the government, words of hope and transformation. Your family too. Speak gracious words to them too, and you will see results. One way to achieve notable victories and record great achievements in life is by the instrumentality of your words.

Stop complaining about the country and the government, start speaking the good things we desire to see an watch them come to pass.

One thing is certain, if you speak and do this things, your life and actions can’t speak differently because you would have configured your mind rightly in the process.
And your life will always go in the direction of your greatest thoughts.

#start doing.
#start winning.


Written by: 


(SD MW1)


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