Isaiah 60:1-3
1.Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. 2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. 3 And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.
.  Although  there will be gross darkness out there in the world this year, around you the glory of God will shine. You will take that glory and brightness of God into dark places and illuminate it.
. As you rise up in your business and every other area of your life, the glory of God will overwhelm you and you will shine.
. This year the grace for dominion will be upon your life.
. As you arise and shine, no man will be able to stand against you.
. As you go through 2015, the glory of God will constantly be upon you. People will see this glory in you. Men will recognize it and they will speak about it.
. God’s glory in you will bring healing to those around you.
. God’s glory will cause the uncommon and unusual to happen in your life.
. Because God is on your side, you will experience great and glorious things this year.
. This year, ‘’evangelism is your supreme task.’’ The glory of God in you will attract men to your God this year.
. Anywhere you find yourself this year,  the grace to dominate is upon you. People shall be attracted to the brightness that is in  you. The glory of God upon shall shine to the camp of the heathen and they shall be attracted to you.
. Because the glory of God has risen upon you, you will stand with kings, presidents and world leaders.
. In this year 2015, uncommon and unusual miracles will happen in our churches worldwide and in the lives of our members. So be ready for testimonies.
. The glory of God will shine upon you.
. The glory of God will melt away weakness and the things that are not of God.
. The glory of God will drive away those friends that are not profiting to you.
. The glory of God will melt away those habits that are not of God.
. The glory of God will so shine upon you that the heathen will run to serve your God.
. Every network or gang up against you will be exposed.
. In 2015, you will speak and it will be established.
. In 2015, you will not work for the cankerworm to eat.
. In 2015, you will have testimonies in your life, marriage, job and ministry in Jesus name.
. In 2015, you will see the invisible, do the impossible and achieve the incredible in the name of Jesus.
. In 2015, you and your family will not experience lack, poverty, drought and famine.
. In 2015, you and your family will go out and come in, in peace. You will not experience violence and the cry of sorrow. Cry of shame and pain will never be heard in you8r house.
. Every restlessness and anxiety in your lives and in this ministry shall be a thing of the past.  You will experience rest in your spirit, home, job, business and ministry.
. God said you will be pregnant with babies, ideas, visions and gifts and you will give birth to all of them.
. In 2015, you will fulfil your desired purpose.
. In 2015, you will not struggle to be recognized. Your gifts and grace shall announce and make large room for you. It will bring you before nations, kings and presidents.
. In 2015, you will experience everything that is good, godly, worthy, wholesome, wealthy and wise.
. This year your womb will be strong, it will not be weak and weary. Your womb will not be barren neither will it abort babies and ideas.
. In 2015 whatsoever you set your hands to do shall prosper. Only songs of congratulations and praise shall proceed out of your mouth.

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About Adeola Olawumi

Adeola Olawumi is a graphics designer and systems hardware expert, currently a final year student of The Federal University of Technology, Akure, studying computer science, a christain by lifestyle, moralist by conduct. He loves meeting friends and expanding his network of friends. A poet and lover of good writeups. Currently working at Allure Graphix, as a Co- Chairman/Finance Head. He loves God and all his creations. he also loves giving. He swims and play games at leisure.

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